Can't make it to our studio? No problem! Since 2010, we've been coaching people from around the world through our online training platform.

Every time you walk into our facility or train with us online, we hope you feel valued, encouraged, and challenged. Your workout is important to us, but you can workout anywhere. There's much more to what we do than just kicking your butt and making you sweat.

There are a lot of fitness professionals who will take your money as long as you're willing to hand it over. They'll allow you to go through the motions, complain when you don't comply, and let you feel good about the idea of health without holding you accountable.

We are not those trainers. We ask that you check your negativity at the door. We're going to give you our relentless effort, including additional support outside of your workouts. Our testimonials speak to our high level of care and expertise. We simply ask for your best effort and coachability in return.

You can expect us to be a product of the product. We are physically active, and perform the same type of exercises we ask of our clients. We eat clean, use food to fuel our bodies, and fill gaps in our diet using world-class supplementation. We use our minds and bodies to honor the Lord. Our faith and family are our top priorities.

If you feel we can be of value to you and your family and friends, it would be our privilege to find out how we can serve you.

Online Training

Charlie & Tami Smith

Owners & Head Trainers, EP Newark

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What are Others Saying About Online Training?

"My self esteem has lifted so much! I feel so much better about myself! I've lost 8 inches & 6 pounds in just over 8 weeks.

Even though we've never met before, the support we get from Charlie & Tami & the other members is incredible. I'm so proud to say I'm apart of such an amazing team of people."

-Kendle F, New Zealand

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"I live over 30 minutes from a gym, & my life is busy as a new mom. These online workouts have been a blessing to me.

This isn't just another social media workout plan. Tami & Charlie take time to get to know you. They care about your health & wellbeing."

-Mattie L, Ohio

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"My clothes fit looser, & everyday tasks are easier.

I'd recommend EP Online because the workouts are targeted to any fitness level. You can be a beginner or more advanced because Tami & Charlie show you different variations.

You'll see a lot of changes in your body!"

-Jaryn O, Ohio

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"I'm out of my big, fat pants! I'm down 20 pounds.

It's really nice to wake up every morning & not worry about what clothes can I fit in. It feels so much better!

It just feels so convenient to know that you can get your workout in anytime you want right in your home."

-Eric G, Ohio

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"Not only have I seen physical changes, but more importantly, I saw a huge shift in my mental state.

I had been spending hours in the gym everyday to see no results and an increased appetite which lead to binging.

I am now more motivated that I will be able to reach my goals and maintain this lifestyle."

-Erin C, Iowa

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"I have cleaned houses for over 30 years. Just when I thought these old arms couldn't take it anymore.

I started working out with Tami & Charlie. It's given me a lot of strength. It's actually easy to do my job now."

-Dianna H, Florida

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Schedule your free, 15-Minute, Get Your Body Back call to start your online fitness journey with us at EP Newark.

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