Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

"I love the community! I was very self conscious... but everybody was saying 'Great job! You can do this!'

Everybody just encourages everybody!"

-Becky T.

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"I really appreciate their attention to detail. I love the kindness in how they guide us.

I feel more confident. My core is stronger, & my balance is improved."

-Ann S.

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"I never would've dreamed I could climb a mountain! I'm so proud of myself! I did it!

My kids & grandkids needed a break, but I was ready to go to the top!"

-Cindy L.

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"Not only do I feel stronger & more energetic from coming to EP Newark, I really like the atmosphere here. It's very encouraging.

It's really friendly here. Everyone's got your back."

-Priscilla H.

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"If you're thinking about getting started there's no downside.

You're going to increase your strength, you're going to be with a bunch of great people, plus you're going to have workouts that are specifically tailored to you."

-Susan V.

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"I feel a lot more flexible & stronger. When I'm on the field, I notice my endurance is higher.

If you're a high school athlete, & you're not getting the right kind of strength training, I recommend EP Newark. They design workouts just for you."

-Emma S.

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What EP Program is Right for You?

No matter your starting point, we have the PERFECT solution for you. We’re the best program in the area when it comes to modifying & customizing workouts for our members. You're not "too broken" to train with us.


Personal Training


Personal Training

Custom Meal Plans & Nutrition Coaching

Your workouts are 100% customized to your needs, abilities, fitness level, & past injuries so you can train without fear of injury. Your sessions are designed to get you results without stepping foot on a treadmill. And, with our semi-private model, you'll receive 1-on-1 coaching with the community of a few members.

Can't make it into the studio or don't live near us? No problem. We coach people around the world to get amazing results! Your program is 100% customized to your goals, fitness level, & access to equipment. So no matter if you're on the road or don't have fancy equipment, you'll never miss a workout!

Healthy food that actually tastes good! Your plan is 100% customized to you, your needs, your schedule, the foods you like, & any food allergies. You have a new plan each week complete with a grocery list & recipe guide so that you'll save time & money on your food!

Learn More
Learn More
Learn More

Results Guaranteed or DOUBLE Your Money Back!

Get results without stepping foot on a treadmill & for 1/3 the price of traditional personal training.

Our transformation programs are results-proven & time-tested since 2004.

We're so confident in our program that if you're coachable & put in the work, but are not satisfied with your results after your first month, we'll give you DOUBLE your money back.

Want to JumpStart Your Metabolism in the Next 5 Days?

  • The workouts you need to do to jumpstart your metabolism
  • About the specific foods that’ll help you get faster results
  • About stress and its connection to your metabolism (and what to do about it)
  • How sleep can help you lose more body fat if that’s a goal
  • The most overlooked component of metabolism!

In the FREE 5-Day Challenge, you’ll learn:

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