Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

"I met Charlie and Tami just short 3 months ago and I have lost 23 pounds, over 6% body fat, and 19+ inches!

While training with Charlie and Tami at EP I've also gained friendships. The environment Charlie and Tami have made is my favorite thing about training at EP. It is all positive and encouraging. Never any negative or diminishing words are ever said to you. Everyone cheers each other on and you're surrounded by support. I couldn't wait for workout days at EP, they were my favorite days of the week.

I started training with Charlie and Tami because I needed to get my butt in shape for the Navy, and I did! In just 3 months, I am stronger and ready for boot camp, and I've gained all that knowledge that I'll be able to take with me where ever I go in the world. I couldn't have done it with out them, and God couldn't have lead me to a better trainer. I can't say enough about Charlie and Tami. You will not regret choosing to train at Elite Performance. You'll regret it if you don't, so call them now!"

-Victoria G.

"I love training at EP because each workout is working toward the goals I set in the beginning.

Charlie is very knowledgeable and pushes me to do the best I can, without any distractions.

Makes me feel like I accomplish something every time I leave and feel better everyday."

-Travis L.

"To describe Tami and Charlie would be simple. They are my constant. Over 10 years of training with them, no matter my failures or successes, they are always there with support, motivation, and encouragement.

It’s a significant reason why I’ve lost over 30 pounds and two pant sizes and conquered three triathlons, two half marathons, and a marathon.”

-Lauren H.

"I had started a weight loss journey of my own several months before joining Charlie and Tami, but felt that I needed something more in addition to my efforts. Professional guidance is what I felt was necessary.They were able to assess my needs/goals and compile a challenging, yet achievable work out routine.

There is nothing intimidating about the environment or people once you start. People from all walks of life and athletic ability participate together and truly become like a second family who support you through your personal journey.

As you progress (which you will), Charlie and Tami will change things up and strategize to keep you challenged and engaged. Be cautious at hinting that something is too easy, or proclaim one type workout is “just the worst”- you will be introduced to other movements that surpass your good burn expectations! They make these adjustments (mostly) lovingly and only if you are truly ready to advance... don’t worry.

If you are interested in also adding in nutritional changes, they will address this as well; they are never pushy, but make helpful nudges every once in a while to see if you are ready to continue to improve your health via another avenue other than physical activity alone.

I am so glad that I joined and cannot imagine my world without them now!Truthfully, I spend more time with them per week than I do with some of my closest friends and, as a result, I would consider them now in that category... but with the added benefit of being motivational trainers! I love the laughter and accountability every time I go."

-Krista B

"I had not worked out in a gym or with a trainer before going to EP. I was very nervous about my lack of experience and fitness. What I found was the most amazing group of people to workout with.

Tami and Charlie adapt every exercise based on your strength and ability, and I felt stronger and more fit after every workout. They truly care about their clients."

-Molly M.

"I have trained with Tami for 7 years and have loved it. She is always positive, will adjust the workout if needed and just makes it fun.

I have sweated like I did not know I could and learned that my 66 year old body can do much more than I thought it could. The workout is always different and Tami keeps a close eye on me to make sure I am doing it correctly - even after all these years."

-Rita W.

"I began training with Tami my senior year of high school to prepare myself for a Division 1 volleyball career at Northern Kentucky University.

Strength training was something I struggled with until I began training with Tami. She helped me set goals I believed to be impossible and then helped me gain the confidence and mental toughness I needed in order to accomplish those goals! I soon craved those hour long workouts in the summer heat (which was the only time I tolerated the heat) because I had a spunky, tough, and encouraging trainer pushing me through every minute of it.

Tami taught me several important keys to success in athletics and in life that I know I will carry with me the rest of my life. Her positive attitude and extraordinary personality is what made my experience at EP so wonderful summer after summer. I would not be as mentally and physically tough today if it weren't for Tami.

Now that my volleyball career is over I know that I will be able to use the tools EP has given me in order to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to have Tami as my trainer for 4 summers.

Thank you EP for helping me achieve so much throughout my college volleyball career, I could not have done it without you!

-Tristen S.

"I have trained with Tami and Charlie for a number of years now. They are fantastic at what they do. They genuinely care about YOU and your well-being. Their positive attitudes are a pleasure to be around and contagious, especially on days when you don't really feel like working out, they have a way of bringing you out of your funk!

Their knowledge goes above and beyond anyone else I've ever trained with because this is their life. They put their heart and soul into helping others not just physically, but mentally as well. You won't be disappointed in making the decision to train with them!"

-Mattie L.

“My son was originally referred to EP through his physical therapist after a hamstring injury. We wanted trainers with experience with injured athletes, that could help train him back to competition level for high school track.

That goal was reached and, over the past two years, has been far surpassed. He is in outstanding physical condition, and he himself has a better knowledge of how his body works and what is required to maintain that performance.

He has also benefited mentally from his training. The positive message he gets at EP with every training session goes hand-in-hand with the physical training. He is a better person all around from his relationship with Tami and Charlie, and for that we all are grateful.”

-Dawn M.

“I have trained with Tami for over five years, and she has helped make me stronger and sculpt my arms, legs, and core.

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t want all of that strength and conditioning to go away; I had worked too hard for it. I knew I needed to keep my energy level up and stay active during the entire nine months. My doctors ensured me that my body would tell me if I am doing too much.

Tami modified workouts for me as my baby grew and as my energy, intensity level, and balance changed. Under her supervision, I always knew I wasn’t putting myself or baby at risk. At nine months, and carrying an extra 25 pounds, I continued to lift weights, challenge my balance, and perform body weight exercises, and I remained motivated and eager to workout throughout the duration of my pregnancy. I also relied on the appropriate supplements for safe, increased energy during the day and to provide balanced electrolytes and hydration.”

-Beth P.

"The summer between my freshman and sophomore year in college was one of the most pivotal moments of my life. That was when the EP team completely transformed my body and work ethic into an actuality I did not know I could accomplish.

Not only did I meet the demands of my coach, I exceeded them by losing over 32 pounds in just three months. For the next two summers, I returned to EP, for I knew their methods worked and were successful. I have completely transformed my body.

While in school, not only was I supported by the EP team, I was also presented with methods, workouts, and advice to continue my success on my own. Now that I have finished my basketball career, I have absolutely no regrets in choosing to work with EP.

They strive to make you a better you, challenge your body to its limits, but overall create a fun atmosphere to be around and want to work harder.

I thank Charlie and Tami for without their dedication and love for what they do, I would not have been as successful as I was."

-Skyler S.

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